Multimedia this round was so short. We only have 1 week for it, so what my teacher wants us to do was pick want topic from what we learn this year that we want to learn more to study more. For me, I like coding so I pick to learn about HTML the code that people use to code website that I want to learn from a long time ago. Honestly, HTML was no the code we have learned in the class before, but it a code so when I ask my teacher she said yes so I study it. Because I’m the only person in class so my teacher cannot teach solo on HTML so I decide to learn online. HTML was not that complicated like python because it uses mostly to code website and python we use to code game or app. When I first learned it kind of easy but then it gets harder. When it hard for me I always ask my friend Bunleap for help because he good at technology and he know HTML. I learn until I think that I have enough skill to code a simple website then I code it. Because I know only some of HTML and not CSS so my website doesn’t look that good. This round was a short round but it still meaningful for me that this round makes me learn one new code style. After finish this round I feel like I’m not don’t with HTML yet so I will learn it more in the future. this is the link to my website


Human Of Cambodia

        Throughout this year, there’s been a lot of good exploration. When I attend once, I just don’t want to leave. It feels like I just want to be in that exploration for the rest of the year. For term one, two and three, I have such a wonderful exploration. I have gained a lot of experience and improve a lot of my skill. Now it the fourth term, that I have the HOC exploration which stands for Human Of Cambodia. Human of Cambodia was the exploration that when I first heard I feel don’t like it and it feels so boring, but when I attend it was such a good exploration.

        For my life, I don’t get to know a lot of people background story, their experiences, and their background, but when I attend in this exploration I got to know a lot. The goal of this exploration is to collect human life story and their photo and make it as a caption, so we can put it to the HOC blog. When we first start the exploration we have to warm-up back our interviews skill, take note skill and photographer skill. For me, I like taking the picture and the main problem for me is I don’t like interviewing and take note so, I have to train myself. Then for a few days later our exploration teacher (Hannah) ask us to interviews people at LLA for practice and it comes out to be an individual task so, I have to do it and get better at the two skill that I’m not good at. I finally chose who to interview and that person is my close friend, Phearum. I did really well on taking the picture and taking note, but my teacher said I need some improvement in the caption. To collect human life story from outside, we would have gone on the trip which we have a small trip and a big trip. Usually, in a week we will have 1 – 2 big trip going out and a few small trips. The big trip means when all the member of the exploration going small trip mean only a few of us going. When we go out we always bring some good story back. when we come back from the trip we always upload the photo from the camera to our computer and edit some light to the photo to make it look better. we also take the human life story into a caption. after we edit the photo and made the caption, we have people who would take it and post to our website.

        The six weeks have passed by so fast and I see a lot of improvement to the skill that I’m not good at. The last week is the week that we have the sharation, so we all working so hard to make the sharation look good. For the sharation, we have performance and three mini-stations.  For the performance, we have two stories which we selected from our human life story that we think it good to share by performing. For our station, we have the Q & A station, game station and blog station. As a result, this sharation was so good and it has done successfully.

        After I have experienced in this exploration I feel so good about my life because I got to know a lot of new people with there sad and happy stories. Now the exploration ends and I feel kind of sad about it. For all the story that I know, I would use it to make the mirror for me to see my life so I can change my life to be a better person and help develop Cambodia

Turtle Race Game

in multimedia this round, we all have to find a project in the code club and work on it. there are a lot of projects but I saw this one project so interesting so I pick it and work on it. it calls the turtle race. I pick and code it. it not very that difficult but there still some challenge for me. when finished I learn a lot of new style of coding. at last of multimedia, I feel that this round was a very good experience for me because i learn a lot of newthing.

Black Snack Experiment

      In the past few weeks, my STEM teacher gave me and my friend to do the black snack experiment. It sounds very cool, right? But, in reality, it cooler than the way of you thinking. By the way, to do this you need the mixture of baking powder and sugar by the ration of 5:20 gram. After we have the mixture we have to put the normal sand haft of the round plate then soak it with alcohol. Next, you just need to pure the mixture that we had to create in the middle of the sand like a little hill. and after that just light around the fire on the sand and it will slowly show the reaction. This experiment was very good and don’t forget to try it.


Getting 5B book

      After finish and took the test of the last book then I got the new book, it 5B book! This book has the color of the cover similar to the 5A book but a bit darker. This book has 7 chapters and 7 reviews. In total it has 160 pages. The first chapter is talk about decimals, the second talk about measures and volume, the third chapter is talk about a percentage, the fourth chapter is talk angles. The fifth chapter is talk about average and rate, the sixth chapter is talk about data analysis and the last chapter is talk about algebra. There a lot of new content in this book and I’m very ready to learn it.

outdoor leadership exploration

      I have changed and learned a lot of thing in this exploration. Before I can don’t drink a lot of water but now I did drink enough water. Like when we were on the trip we walk a lot and people start to drink more water because of keeping them hydrated.

the photo of me drinking water photo of me drinking water in the background

Also, I start to help others and like nature too. Walking the wood people would get tired easily so I start to help them carry stuff such as snack and dinner and that makes me happy and also while carrying that stuff I look at the nature that gives me more positive energy.

That the photo of me carrying the snack and the dinner for my friend in the background.That the photo of nature while I was walking in the wood

      I am an outdoor leader because now I can do a lot of activity in the forest. Like medical skill, I can help my friend when they get heard or building the bivouac when my friend gets head really bad and cannot move and this thing is for them. Like cooking food, it makes me an outdoor leader because I can cook food when I go out in the wood
The photo of my friend practice the medical skill
the photo of my bivouac
The photo of the lesson cooking with bamboo

     It impacts Cambodia because I can use all the skill I get from the class to help other people and also share with others. Like my medical skill, I can help people when they get heat or share it with my friend or my family member.



Python 2.0

     I’m getting very excited about this round 3 because I get to learn the code that I want from a long time ago and now I get to learn it. The code that I want to learn is Python. This code is very useful to learners and also not very hard to learn. At first, I think it hard but, then it is not. We get to learn a lot of tool in python such as while loop and if statement. Print ‘nirorn’, this the code I told the computer to write my name in python. After the completed of learning it turns out to make me very very happy

Philosophical Chairs

    Have you heard of philosophical chairs? I know that some of you that reading are don’t know about it. So philosophical chair is a kind of debate but in a very respectable way. It has a agree and disagrees side. Before the event happens all the member that attend have to do research about their topic first. Then we will have a very nice talk with a very nice speech. After all of that, we will discuss together asking the question to each other after all we will get the solution and that it.

Indigenous People Exploration

      This second round at liger I get to work in Indigenous People Exploration. There are 24 students in this exploration and 8 of them are girls. The purpose of this exploration is to create a book that contains information about each indigenous group. To get information of all indigenous group it takes a very long time but we only have 7 weeks so we decide to only do five indigenous groups and they are Jarai, Kreung, Tumpuon, Suoy, and Kachok. To gather the information we decide to go on the trip but before that, we had divided into 10 different categories such as Language, Sornom, (the special ceremonies of indigenous) Geography & Population, Education, History, Beleive Culture & Tradition, Art, Food, Folklore/Story and ancient Items. I get to do Folklore/Story with my teammate Bopha. After we get our category and we all create the question for interviewing. After all of that done we have two trips to go.

      Our First trip is going to Kampong Speu to interview indigenous Suoy people. We get on the bus around 6 o’clock and arrive there around 9 o’clock. When we arrive there, we got to meet Souy people for the first time. I feel a bit nervous because they are new to me and plus I don’t get to meet a lot of indigenous people. Before we start the interview our teacher has the short introduction and after that, we all start the interview. My teammate and I get to interview the very handsome and friendly uncle. He gives me a lot of information about folklore/story. We do the interview for about 1 hour and after the interview, we have launched with and it was a very fun trip.

      Our second trip the most fun trip ever because we get to go to Ratanakiri and my teacher’s plan is to go for four days. The day that we left is the first day that I ever take a very long trip. We left at 9 am and arrive at 8 pm. If I do a quick mental math it would be a ride of 11 hours. That was the very very very long trip I ever took. That pretty much thing on the first day. The second day has come and in the morning we went and get breakfast and head to interview Kachok people and we have one fun fact there. The fun fact is we are the first visit there. After spending about 2-hour interview Kachok we had gathered enough information and so we left there to have lunch and continue our journey to Tumpuon for interview them. When we arrive there they welcome us very well and event prepares all the stuff for us to take the photo for our book too. We spend about 2 and haft hour on Tumpuon. After spending the hold day interviewing had to get dinner and go to get some rest at the guest house. After a big rest in the guest house we now in the third day of the trip. The third day is similar to the day the second day because we all need to go to interviewing again so our first indigenous people today is Jarai and after we finished the interview we had moe to the last group is Kreung. In my opinion, I think that Kreung is the group that makes me laugh a lot because they have a lot of good stories and the way they act is funny. After the last interview, we head back to guess house and sleep for the last night of our trip. The last day has come and I need to have a long trip back to school. This trip is very fun I gain a lot of new experiences.

      After we got back from the trip the last thing is to write all the information into google doc, check it and ready for put in the book. It a bit hard for me to do it because my brain doesn’t remember well about that the information that I had interviewed. I got more than 10 stories to write down with my partner and that would be a bit hard for me. The hardest part of it was to write down in English or Khmer than translate to the other language. After all this 6-week and now I’m in the seven-week, I had don’t all the story.

      This was one of a very good class that I had done in exploration. When I attend this class I feel very good because Cambodia doesn’t have a lot of books that take about indigenous and also I get to help my country and indigenous to write down their thing in the book so it wouldn’t be lost.

Periodic Table

      I feel that I really like the periodic table. Nowadays in my stem class, we start learning about chemistry but in other to learn chemistry we need to learn about the periodic table which is the table that contains the element on earth. The periodic table has 118 elements in it and 92 of them are natural. The first person who found it was Dmitri Mendeleev the chemist teacher from Russia. He arranges it by the atomic mass. Afterword Henry Moseley arranged the new one that arranged by the atomic number. All the elements in the periodic table divide into three type which is metal, nonmetal, and metalloid. They also divide them into 7 different roles and 18 different group. This periodic table is very useful. I learn a lot of new element from it just it and a few hours. I really love this wonderful table and I also want to learn all the element from it too.