Indigenous People Exploration

      This second round at liger I get to work in Indigenous People Exploration. There are 24 students in this exploration and 8 of them are girls. The purpose of this exploration is to create a book that contains information about each indigenous group. To get information of all indigenous group it takes a very long time but we only have 7 weeks so we decide to only do five indigenous groups and they are Jarai, Kreung, Tumpuon, Suoy, and Kachok. To gather the information we decide to go on the trip but before that, we had divided into 10 different categories such as Language, Sornom, (the special ceremonies of indigenous) Geography & Population, Education, History, Beleive Culture & Tradition, Art, Food, Folklore/Story and ancient Items. I get to do Folklore/Story with my teammate Bopha. After we get our category and we all create the question for interviewing. After all of that done we have two trips to go.

      Our First trip is going to Kampong Speu to interview indigenous Suoy people. We get on the bus around 6 o’clock and arrive there around 9 o’clock. When we arrive there, we got to meet Souy people for the first time. I feel a bit nervous because they are new to me and plus I don’t get to meet a lot of indigenous people. Before we start the interview our teacher has the short introduction and after that, we all start the interview. My teammate and I get to interview the very handsome and friendly uncle. He gives me a lot of information about folklore/story. We do the interview for about 1 hour and after the interview, we have launched with and it was a very fun trip.

      Our second trip the most fun trip ever because we get to go to Ratanakiri and my teacher’s plan is to go for four days. The day that we left is the first day that I ever take a very long trip. We left at 9 am and arrive at 8 pm. If I do a quick mental math it would be a ride of 11 hours. That was the very very very long trip I ever took. That pretty much thing on the first day. The second day has come and in the morning we went and get breakfast and head to interview Kachok people and we have one fun fact there. The fun fact is we are the first visit there. After spending about 2-hour interview Kachok we had gathered enough information and so we left there to have lunch and continue our journey to Tumpuon for interview them. When we arrive there they welcome us very well and event prepares all the stuff for us to take the photo for our book too. We spend about 2 and haft hour on Tumpuon. After spending the hold day interviewing had to get dinner and go to get some rest at the guest house. After a big rest in the guest house we now in the third day of the trip. The third day is similar to the day the second day because we all need to go to interviewing again so our first indigenous people today is Jarai and after we finished the interview we had moe to the last group is Kreung. In my opinion, I think that Kreung is the group that makes me laugh a lot because they have a lot of good stories and the way they act is funny. After the last interview, we head back to guess house and sleep for the last night of our trip. The last day has come and I need to have a long trip back to school. This trip is very fun I gain a lot of new experiences.

      After we got back from the trip the last thing is to write all the information into google doc, check it and ready for put in the book. It a bit hard for me to do it because my brain doesn’t remember well about that the information that I had interviewed. I got more than 10 stories to write down with my partner and that would be a bit hard for me. The hardest part of it was to write down in English or Khmer than translate to the other language. After all this 6-week and now I’m in the seven-week, I had don’t all the story.

      This was one of a very good class that I had done in exploration. When I attend this class I feel very good because Cambodia doesn’t have a lot of books that take about indigenous and also I get to help my country and indigenous to write down their thing in the book so it wouldn’t be lost.

Periodic Table

      I feel that I really like the periodic table. Nowadays in my stem class, we start learning about chemistry but in other to learn chemistry we need to learn about the periodic table which is the table that contains the element on earth. The periodic table has 118 elements in it and 92 of them are natural. The first person who found it was Dmitri Mendeleev the chemist teacher from Russia. He arranges it by the atomic mass. Afterword Henry Moseley arranged the new one that arranged by the atomic number. All the elements in the periodic table divide into three type which is metal, nonmetal, and metalloid. They also divide them into 7 different roles and 18 different group. This periodic table is very useful. I learn a lot of new element from it just it and a few hours. I really love this wonderful table and I also want to learn all the element from it too.

Finishing Book 5A

      Finally, the day has come, the day that I finished my 5a math workbook. This book is a very good book of all time. I did all the review and all the work in this book. It though me a lot of new lessons and the one that I really like is geometry. It new to me and this book though me how to calculate the surface area of it how can it form and what is the net of each shape too. I feel really good when I finished this book because it helps me grow my math skill and I got to get another book.

Photo Session

      Do you know what good photo need? basically, you have three things to know that help you to take the good photo. First, is shutter speed, shutter speed is the speed of the shutter to open and close at the amount of time. shutter speed is measured in second or a fraction of a second. A shutter speed of 1/100 means 1/100th and it less than 1 second. The less shutter speed you put, the less light you get and the photo that you trying to take of will stop at the exact time that you take. For example, you trying to take the photo of people playing spot and they run very fast so you need to put the shutter speed as low as possible or else your photo will look blurry but don’t forget that the less shutter speed you put in the less light you get. The last important thing about shutter speed I want to share is, it can help you from camera shake. Second is the aperture, Aperture is like a space that light can pass through the land of the camera. Aperture are measured in scale like the following: f/1.4, f/2, f/2.8, f/4, f/5.6, f/8,f/11, f/16, f/22. It work like this, the the less aperture you put like f/1.4 the background of your photo will be blur. So if you want to take the photo of a view of mountain or city i encourage you to use f/22 else it will be blurry. Last but not least is iso, iso is the sensitivity of your camera to light. When you put iso in your camera will get less light, but if you put to much in your photo will have a lot noise, so you need to put as low as possible. That pretty much the information that i get from my lesson. I hope i will learn more about this photo in the future.

Teaching Photoshop CC

      21st September 2018 I have a job to get every single classmate to know about Photoshop CC.  basically, Photoshop CC is the software for graphic design and do some photo effect on it. Before I start present I was a little bit nervous and kind of scared that there will be an issue when I presented but when I feel like normal and just keep telling the information to my classmates. I share them what I know and they practice what I share with them, they ask some good question that I forgot to mention. This teaching experience was very good cause I get to share my classmates the knowledge that I have.

“Kolab Pailin”

      In Khmer class this round we read a lot about Khmer old story books. Kolab Pailin is one of the popular once so, my facilitator gives the hold class to read. This book was written by “Nhok Them” the best Khmer author in the history. When we talk about the scene the scene in this book is very interesting. They have a love scene, a sad scene, the fight scene, and a funny scene. The fact is that this book educated a lot of students so, the government decided to put this book to the learning system in the government school. In this book there is a lot of roles so, when we read it we decide to give a role to each classmate. Some classmate gets the good guy, some classmate get to be the numerator and some classmate get to be the bad people. I get to be the bad guy which call ”Phan” the biggest thief in the province. I’m still feeling good about that. When we read we start feeling that we in the sense of the story. It feels very deep in my heart. Finally, we finished reading This book but, we don’t want it to end because of it very good. I recommend this book to all student to read because it educated them to be the good people and there more interesting thing in this book.

Tos Merl Community Traveling Theatre

I’m very happy about the exploration of the third year at liger. There are a lot of interesting exploration such as outdoor leadership, no plastic at liger and a lot of many thing, this essay is talking about my first exploration.

My first exploration in the third year at liger is Tos Merl Community Travelling Theatre. In this exploration, we have 16 student which is 9 girls and 7 boys. This exploration started on August 20th until October 5th which is seven week that explorations usually have. The goal of this exploration is to create the traveling theatre that can access Cambodia’s rural area. By doing this Tos Merl community traveling theatre we need to turn the truck into the theatre and it will have light, stage, sound and many more thing that theatre has. Tos Merl is the name of the theatre that we plan to make and the reason why we choose this name is because Tos mean let and Merl mean look or see or watch and it easy for Cambodian to call the name too. This idea would work because in a lot of rural areas they don’t have access theatre and if they have watched the show they will have more education by the play but, by doing this we have a problem and the problem is that we don’t have enough money to buy a truck that can fit our theatre. So our we decide to make a trip for filming the video of the interview the villager in the rural area and put them together to make a crowdfunding video.  plan our teacher thought that “why don’t we make a play to show them”.

On 19th September we go on a trip to two provinces in Cambodia for three days. The play and the interview went very smooth for that three days but there is a bit challenging. The challenges are that it very hard to set up the place to make a play and after we set up the place to make a play already and it rain. that the reason why we need the traveling theatre. After coming back from the trip we give a task to make video, logo and more thing that we need to be done for the crowdfunding. We all get a task and we start working. Now we get all the thing done so we can put to crowdfunding.

I learn so many things in this exploration and there are a lot of challenges too. I think there are would be another round of this exploration because we not yet finished building the traveling theatre yet. If there is I hope I will be a part of it.

Math’s Workbook 5A

      Now I get to have book 5A workbook for my math learning tool. The cover of the book has filled with soft orange and normal orange color. They also organize with the kid playground that uses math tool. And the inside of the book, there are 6 chapter, 56 exercise, and 6 REVIEW. There are 153 pages in this book. The first chapter is talking about the whole number, second is talking about more calculation with whole numbers, third is talking about fraction, fourth is talking about multiply and divide fraction, fifth is talking about perimeter, Area and surface area and sixth is talking about ratio. In this book, there is a lot of work to do. It a little bit of challenge in this book too and the challenge is that it gets into the algebra. Algebra is very hard for me when facilitator let us do some work with algebra I have a hard headache but, I think I can do it with my friend or event alone. And last but not least I really thank you to Liger that has given me this book for me to learn.

Creating Khmer’s poem book

      In this year my Khmer’s facilitator has an idea to create a Khmer’s poem book. The idea is that he wants all junior to write the different type of Khmer poem and put them together to create the book. It the book will also include the strategy of how to create the poem too. The history of the poem will also include. He said we the poem that we organize by type of poem. In the future, we will create task what we going to do to create the book. I think it a great idea that we create this book. In other to be a change agent we have to make a thing that inspires the other and make them do a good thing and repeat what we do.

Homework Packet

     Now in my literacy essential, I have 10 vocabulary word per week. We call it homework packet. In our homework packet, it also told me that where is the root word of the word come from but,  first did you know what is root word come from?. The root word is the origin of the word such as vid. Vid is the root word of video and it comes from Latin. Now let come back to topic. The packet also tells us what type of speech is the vocabulary too. Homework packet has two sheets which means it has four page. The first page of the homework packet only contains vocabulary but, on the other three page, it contains some activity. I really love homework packet because it gives a lot of new words that I never knew before.